Icons-03.pngImproving Public Safety

Francis understands that keeping our streets and neighborhoods safe requires building and maintaining the trust between our community and police force. To accomplish this, Francis led the fight to hire more police officers in the City of Miami, while at the same time advocating for the use of police body cameras.





Icons-04.pngFinding Transportation Solutions Now

As Vice Chairman of the Transportation Planning Organization, Francis has taken a countywide leadership role in advocating for transportation solutions that can meet our community’s needs now and in the future. Francis spearheaded the development of the Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit (SMART) Plan, a proposal that advances six rapid transit corridors across Miami-Dade County. Thanks to his advocacy in Tallahassee, the SMART Plan is now eligible to receive more state funding, making implementation of the SMART Plan substantially easier. Francis has also been a proponent of expanding the city’s successful trolley program, which moves thousands of residents and visitors across Miami every month.



Icons-09.pngExpanding Affordable Housing Opportunities

In Miami, we have been victims of our own success. We have seen how our city has grown at an unprecedented rate over the last two decades, as investors from around the world have come to our city to work on different projects and developments. Unfortunately, in some instances, these new buildings and homes are unaffordable to many in Miami. We don't have enough housing that is affordable for students, young couples or for our seniors, who live on fixed incomes and are some of the most vulnerable members of our community. As commissioner, Francis has worked hard to promote projects that can include affordable and workforce housing into their developments. As mayor, he will continue working with the private sector through incentives and other mechanisms in order to meet the challenge of affordable housing in Miami.



Icons-06.pngA Proven Leader That Listens and Cares

Francis believes that in today’s world, accessibility shouldn’t be a barrier between elected officials and the residents they serve. As Commissioner, he has made it a point to give out his cell phone to any resident that needs his assistance. As Mayor, Francis will continue to serve in an open and transparent fashion, meeting with residents throughout the city and listening to their concerns.





Icons-08.pngDefending Our Community's Most Vulnerable

Francis has always focused on protecting our community. In 2013, he pushed the City of Miami to file a lawsuit against the big banks whose predatory lending practices helped cause the City’s foreclosure crisis. Earlier this year, the United States Supreme Court ruled that cities have standing to sue the banks for discriminatory mortgage lending practices under the Fair Housing Act. This was a major win for the City of Miami and its residents. Francis has pledged to continue moving forward with the lawsuit to ensure we can redress the damage and injustice done to our residents.




Icons-05.pngPutting an End to Red Light Cameras

Since he was elected, Francis has fought to eliminate the city’s red light camera program. Red light cameras unfairly punish the community’s most needy with fines and penalties, while making it more dangerous to drive on our streets. Francis will continue pushing to put an end to a system that only benefits red-light camera special interests at the expense of our residents.